Yarrow Mamout Quran & Leadership Program

The Yarrow Mamout program is a four-year program designed to forge the next generation of Islamic servant leadership. The program consists of three main components Dawah, Core Islamic Sciences and Servant Leadership training. A new cohort of students are selected every 2 years from an exceptional group of applicants.

Our Mission is to provide an Islamic education tailored to the distinct needs of a new generation of American Muslims. Our mission is symbolized by the life of the namesake of the leadership program, Yarrow Mamout, a Muslim scholar, entrepreneur, and former slave who personifies the deep links between Islam and America. We offer a balanced education, combining religious training and community service to help our young men ages 14-16 grow into well-mannered, righteous, productive, and responsible adults.

Imam Hamzah Abdul-Malik - Founder of Miraaj cademy

Imam Hamzah is a Hafiz of Qur'an and an Al-Azhar graduate receiving a degree in Islamic Law and Ethics. He traveled the world to study with reknown Islamic scholars and has over 15 years of formal Islamic education. In 2012, he returned home to the states to raise his family and invest his knowledge and training into community building and social outreach. With the support of the community, he founded Midtown Mosque, Memphis TN and Allah willing hopes to bring all of his experiences and skills together to serve the community. May Allah benefit our community through his leadership and teachings of Islam. Ameen

Miraaj Academy developed the MUFTI methodology of education, which stands for: Mastery and Understanding for Future Teaching and Implementation.

  • Master essential Islamic sciences and skills that develop the mind, body, and soul.
  • Understand these sciences and skills well enough to use them to create and discover new ideas and skills on their own.
  • Teach others what they have learned so they can give back to their families and communities.
  • Implement what they learn so they can improve their spiritual and personal well-being.

Course of Study

Phase 1: Dawah Training - The focus area is on character building and understand the spirit of Islam. Students study Quranic Studies, Arabic, Islamic History, Project Management and build communication skills. Duration is 2 years.

Phase 2: Core Islamic Training - The focus area is on Quranic Studies, Hadith, Fiqh, Theology and coaching/mentoring. Duration is 2 years.

Tuition and Fees

Many young Muslims have the desire to learn Islam but cannot afford to pay for an education that will help them reach their spiritual potential. The Yarrow Mamout Scholarship Fund provides full tuition, room, and board to enable young Muslims from underserved communities in the U.S. to attend Mi’rage Academy and learn the skills needed to engage and inspire the wider American community. The cost of tuition and boarding is $14,900 per student for the 2020-2021 academic year with discounts for siblings. Our goal is to make this type of Islamic program accessible by offering need-based scholarships to eligible students.